2019 Future Leaders Program is on hold pending other developments

Following on from the success of the Future Canterbury Leadership Programme cohorts over the past two years, the Committee for Canterbury invites members and interested organisations to nominate their emerging leaders to participate in this unique opportunity.

The Future Canterbury Leadership Programme has been designed to extend the capacity of the next tier of leadership within Canterbury. It taps into the energy and insight of the region’s emerging leaders, cultivating their passion for Canterbury and helping channel it into region-enhancing projects. The Programme builds relationships and networks across sectors, organisations and, ultimately, the region.

Future Canterbury helped to build my capability as a well-rounded leader by exposing me to a wide range of industries, businesses, systems and really clever people. It really shaped my thinking on the long-term challenges and opportunities for our region and how to tackle them.
— Andrea Brewster, 2016 Future Canterbury participant

In a ten-month blended model of delivery, the Programme combines independent learning with exposure to key thought leaders, taught elements and project delivery. There is also a strong focus on building connections across a wide range of organisations within Canterbury.

The ideal participant is an individual who possesses strong leadership in any or all aspects of our community, as well as succession potential and (most importantly) a shared belief and commitment to the long-term wellbeing and prosperity of all Cantabrians.

The Programme is also about a strong level of personal development for those attending. In this capacity, the individual, the Committee and the region all benefit from the contribution.

Understanding the landscape of people within Canterbury and what is (and isn’t !) currently happening to prepare for the future has been a core takeaway for me from the Future Canterbury Leadership Program. It can be confronting to recognise where you sit within the Canterbury community and to realise the issues that might be present all around you. I feel the challenge lies beyond the program in creating the future vision for Canterbury and playing your part to make it happen.
— Tasman Gillies, 2017 Future Canterbury participant

For more information on applying to be a part of the 2019 Future Canterbury Leadership Programme, please contact the Programme Director:

Catherine McMillan

027 321 3719